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Salisbury 11+ Mock Exams

Mock Exams at the Hall


2021 11+ Mock Exams are now available to book online.

At present there are 9 live exam sittings available to book.


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The New Year Lockdown is upon us and as before, we are unable to meet to do exams in person, so the three January Exams are now "Virtual" (see below)


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While the need for social distancing continues, these sessions are limited to 15 children, potentially with a second session for another 15 in the afternoon of the same day.

Virtual Mock Exam

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We have two Virtual Mock Exams that can be conducted at home. You can do them in any order.

How does it work?

  • You buy a virtual ticket
  • We email you and you download and print the papers and “how to” guide.
  • During the exam which will last up to 4¼ hours, you play the video we will send you to give instructions and time checks throughout the morning.
  • If you are able to stay around and to make observations, that would be really helpful.
  • You then return the question and answer papers to us.
  • We will process them and send you back your results. Those who have bought Full Reports will then receive links to videos that cover all the exam questions and highlight those you definitely need.
  • We will keep the videos available to you until after the 11+




My name is Sarah Beswick.

Since 1997 we have been helping children prepare for the 11+. Part of this is experiencing formal exam conditions.

The 11+ Exam has seen many changes over recent years but one of the constants has been children’s inexperience with the exam process: they spend 10 minutes sharpening their pencil rather than picking up their spare!

These mocks are designed to iron out these problems and help each child to conquer their own individual weaknesses so that they can perform at their very best in the actual 11+.