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Salisbury 11+ Mock Exams

Telephone 01722 327525


Mock Exams at the Hall


2024 11+ Mock Exams are available to book online now.

Click online booking below for the dates, or click Mock Exam Information above.





Catch-up Mocks

If you miss out on sitting Mock A or Mock B, you can still do these at later Mock Exam sessions, to better make use of the Summer holidays.

For example, if you book two or even three of the Mock Exam C Saturday sessions, one or more of these could be used for your child to sit a previous set of papers they have missed.

If you feel this would be useful to you, either book the sessions for the dates you want to use, or phone me to discuss your needs (01722 327525).

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Nervous Mock Exams

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Our Nervous Mock

Some children just can’t face going into their first mock exam. For them there are too many hurdles to overcome and they are overwhelmed by the enormity of it all. Our Nervous Exam has been made so that you can replicate exam conditions at home (6 pages of instructions). You then send us all the papers (questions and answers) for us to process, and we will then email you your report. If you have a basic report, you will have your child’s scores and bar charts to see where they are compared with other children. A full report will give you this plus all the links for videos that you need and details of the other seemingly insignificant “stuff” that can nonetheless make the difference between pass and fail in the real 11+.

It is a huge shame that some bright children fail the 11+ due to nerves. They need a gentle approach. Both schools are very accommodating and within reason will do everything they can to help these children. It is normal for the children to have a little cry before an exam, this is no bad thing it releases a lot of tension. This anxiety is a heathy response to an unfamiliar situation but it can get out of hand and become crippling. Our Nervous Mock is for the children who need an extra little bit of help to get into their stride.

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How does it work?

  • You book online.
  • We email you and you download and print the papers and “how to” guide.
  • During the exam which will last up to 4¼ hours, you play the video we will send you to give instructions and time checks throughout the morning.
  • If you are able to stay around and to make observations, that would be really helpful.
  • You then return the question and answer papers to us.
  • We will process them and send you back your results. Those who have bought Full Reports will then receive links to videos that cover all the exam questions and highlight those you definitely need.
  • We will keep the videos available to you until after the 11+